Visits and Workouts Tracker - Part Three

Parts One and Two 

imageLatimer Brandt Pauline Siriux SM Mosher Wilson

imageAiken Wilson Paylor Edholm

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Visits and Workouts Tracker - Part Two

Part One

imageBrandt Martin Pauline Brandt Wyatt

imagePauline Pauline Wilson

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Visits and Workouts Tracker

As part of the draft process teams will bring in prospects for visits and will travel to conduct meetings or private workouts with prospects. Teams are allowed to have 30 prospects visit their facility before the cut off date of April 27th. I’ve compiled a list for each team that shows which players a team has shown interest in. The list includes the player, the type of meeting (dinner, workout, visit), the date of the meeting, and the source who is reporting the meeting. Throughout the list there are some blank spots where the type of meeting and date should be. This is because the source who is reporting the meeting does not specify the date or what type of meeting it is and I do not want to guess as to the type of meeting it is. 

It’s interesting to see the prospects that some teams are using one of their 30 visits on. There are a lot of names that the average fan might not recognize. These are players that are emerging late in the draft process and have intrigued the eyes of scouts throughout the league. Some of the names that stand out; Cody Latimer, Walt Aiken, Phillip Gaines, Walter Powell, Carl Bradford, Robert Herron, Billy Turner, DeMarcus Lawrence. 

Before I put the list up I want to stress a couple of things. This is an incomplete list. Once again, this list is not a finished product. I know that there are some past visits/workouts/meetings that are not on the list. I’m making edits to the list whenever I have the time, but I thought it would be a good idea to put this up to give people somewhat of an idea who is visiting and where. Second, I did not list players whose workout was part of a team’s local pro day. Teams have pro days for prospects who attended college or are from the team’s area. I chose not to include them on the list as several players invited are not serious draft prospects and I originally started the list to track official visits. 

The list is in the order teams will pick at in the 2014 NFL Draft. I’m unable to paste tables into posts on this site so I’m instead posting images of the table. I will post the links that are referenced in the table below the image of the table. This will be the first of three posts and will contain the teams picking from first to tenth. 

imageMcClain Rapoport Brandt  Goodbread 

imageSchefter Brandt Brandt Brandt Garafolo Goodbread Goodbread Smith & Rapoport Pauline

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How Has St. Louis Spent The Picks Acquired In Their 2012 Trade With Washington?

Following the 2011 season the Rams once again hit the reset button after going 2-14. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Deveaney were fired and were replaced by Jeff Fisher and Les Snead. The 2012 draft featured two of the best quarterback prospects the draft had seen in a long time, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Fisher and Snead were tasked with deciding whether they were comfortable moving forward with Sam Bradford, who was selected with the first overall pick in 2010, or if they wanted to choose Griffin who was certain to be available at number two. Ultimately the decided that the best course of action was to trade down and move forward with Bradford as the team’s quarterback. St. Louis would end up trading the second overall pick in exchange for Washington’s first round pick in 2012, 2013, and 2014 and a second round pick in 2012. In 2012 St. Louis traded the first round pick they got from Washington to Dallas in exchange for Dallas’ first round pick and their second round pick. The Rams still weren’t done dealing though, they traded the second round pick they received from Dallas in exchange for Chicago’s second round pick and their fifth round pick.


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Tight end Jace Amaro had a breakout season in 2013, finishing in the top ten nationally in several receiving statistics. He was the top tight end in the nation in yards, receptions, yards per game, and receptions per game. Even when including receivers, Amaro led the Big 12 in yards and receptions. The junior decided to forfeit his final year of eligibility to enter the NFL Draft. He is viewed as one of the top two prospects at his position in the upcoming draft. 

Although the Red Raiders lost to Oklahoma State this past season, statistically speaking the game was Amaro’s best. He had a season high 15 receptions and 174 yards. In the video you’ll see how Amaro can turn short receptions into long gains and how he does a nice job navigating the field after making a catch. Amaro rarely lines up as a traditional tight end on the line with the offensive linemen. He is almost always lined up as a wide receiver in the slot. Since he is rarely lined up as a traditional tight end you don’t get to see him block as a traditional tight end. Most of the blocking he does in this video is as a wide receiver on screen plays and draws. After watching Amaro in this game I believe that blocking is definitely something that he’ll have to work on. He doesn’t dominate smaller linebackers and defensive backs like you would expect someone with his frame, 6’5 260, would. 

Justin Gilbert is the next cornerback to have a video of himself in coverage on Draft Analysis. The video features Gilbert vs West Virginia, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Gilbert and Darqueze Dennard appear to be the consensus top two cornerbacks in this year’s draft class. While Dennard is more a physical corner, Gilbert is more of a finesse corner and possesses great speed. In addition to being a terrific cornerback Gilbert is also a talented kick returner. 

The selection of plays in the video above are passes that were thrown to the man, zone, or area that Gilbert was covering. Some things to keep in mind when watching the video: 

  • At the end of the West Virginia game Gilbert throws a punch and is ejected from the game. As a result he was suspended for the first half of the Kansas State game. 
  • Against Texas Gilbert makes an interception at the end of the first half. However he injured himself on the play and missed the rest of the game. 

  • As a result of the injury he suffered against Texas he was not used in his usual role against Baylor. Gilbert played sparingly during the game against the Baylor Bears. 

NFL Draft Strategies - New England Patriots

As part of an ongoing series will be looking at the past five years of team’s drafts to see how teams use their picks and what strategies are used in the draft. The next team in the series is the New England Patriots

No other head coach in the NFL has the autonomy over a team’s draft process than Bill Belichick has with the Patriots. Owner Robert Kraft has given Belichick complete control over football operations for the team. When looking at the type of player’s the Patriots draft it’s clear that Belichick has a certain type of player that he wants to play for him. Some have been critical of Belichick for frequently trading down in the draft and for using high picks on players that are are seen as a low value by other talent evaluators. Here are the Patriot’s draft picks over the past five years: 


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NFL Draft Strategies - New York Giants

As part of an ongoing series will be looking at the past five years of team’s drafts to see how teams use their picks and what strategies are used in the draft. The next team in the series is the New York Giants

The Giant’s on the field success over the past five years, including winning a Super Bowl, can be attributed in part to the way they’ve built much of their roster via the draft. In the front office, Jerry Reese has been the team’s general manager since the 2007 season. Reese was promoted to GM after serving as director of player personnel for the Giants between 2004 and 2007. The head coach, Tom Coughlin, is the third longest tenured head coach having held the title since 2004. Here are their picks over the past five drafts: 

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NFL Draft Strategies - Dallas Cowboys

As part of a series here at Draft Analysis we thought it would be interesting to look at the ways teams have drafted over the past five years. Mostly we’ll  be looking at teams that have had the same general manager and head coach for roughly five years to see if they have any sort of recurring style that they like to use when drafting. In each draft class we’ll look at the size of the draft class, positions selected, college experience of players selected, the college coach of players selected, and various other factors. 

First up in the series is the Dallas Cowboys. In addition to being the owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones also serves as President and GM of the club. The current head coach of the club is Jason Garrett, a position he’s held since taking over for Wade Phillips during the 2010 season. Let’s take a look at their draft classes: 

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Our latest video is one of Darqueze Dennard in coverage versus five teams from the 2013 season. Dennard was a force in Michigan State’s secondary this past year. The senior cornerback had four interceptions during his senior season and is one of the top prospects at his position available in the upcoming NFL Draft. The video is a compilation of plays where a pass was thrown to the receiver Dennard was covering. The compilation uses footage from Michigan State’s games against Notre Dame, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Stanford.